Why Malta?

"Those cities dotted with lights seem another sky full of stars grazing on the land a sea seem those lights a silver sea kissing the banks"

(Karmenu Vassallo)

The Maltese Islands are an Archipelago made up primarily of several larger inhabited islands, namely Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year and although it is a tiny archipelago, Malta boasts one of the world’s oldest histories and a rich, diverse culture. With Neolithic temples that predate Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt, Historic cities still intact from the Mediaeval ages and picturesque old fishing villages, Malta truly offers you a plethora of unique locations and venues which are available for exclusive use at down to earth prices for a memorable event, which your guests will not be able to experience alone on a private trip.

Malta is well connected by air, serviced by over 28 airlines which operate daily or multiple flights per week from 36 countries and 76 cities globally, among these feature most of Europe's major hubs and popular cities. The islands enjoy a very low crime rate and are very safe for individuals to walk alone, even in the late hours.

Logistically, from the point of view of moving people from one point to another, Malta is a great destination for events because transfer time are typically only 20 to 30 minutes (from hotels to venues & places of interest). The furthest distances are no more than 45 to 50 minutes away, these timings are quoted, based on coaches traveling in flowing traffic.

An English-speaking environment facilitating good communications, endowed with hospitable people, makes Malta a safe and perfect destination. Malta is able to offer organisers the added advantage of tailoring their delegates’ programmes incorporating historic sites, unique venues and places of natural beauty. In addition, you will find that the size of the Island is ideal for planning an event packed programme, with seamless transitions from the meeting room to entertainment venues.