Battle at Sea

Enjoy a day at sea with the most amazing toys – three-man catapults! Participants are split on two boats – the Pirates and the Knights. Whilst sailing to Comino, both groups start preparing their ammunition for the great attack to happen near Comino. Participants have to fill up bio-degradable balloons with sea water. Each gullet will be equipped with three-man slingshots and a lot of bio-degradable balloons. These catapults are capable of firing objects over 1/3rd of a mile.

Once we get to Comino, all the action starts, as Pirates and Knights have to throw water-filled balloons to each other. Each gullet will have targets (made of tissue paper) placed all over it. Teams have to aim at these targets to destroy them. The team who manages to destroy the opponents’ targets in the shortest time will be declared the winning team. Will it be the pirates with their devious ways or the will it the noble Knights to hoist the victorious flag??

Other activities can be included as the groups sail to battle: hoist the flag, walk the plank, learn the ropes and so on..