An incentive can be defined as a marketing operation, meant to transmit a strategic message to employees or customers; the objective is to motivate the partners or to strengthen the tie with the customers. For this reason, it is introduced as a unique and special tour, while it must contain the scope of the company and the romance and seduction of a vacation.

Consequently, its success is due not only to technical choices but qualitative factors of precisely the emotional type. The main motivation is that of a common experience, like the trip, positive influential activities aiming for collaboration, loyalty and group spirit. Motivation and harmony lead automatically to company growth.

Bluestone is a leader in organizing incentives of rather unconventional and innovative themes; each event has a thread that, with the inclusion of creative ideas, motivational team-building, interactive activities, entertainment, will be guiding the event to the achieving of a strong emotional involvement.

We work with companies and direct national and international incentive agencies at all stages of creating an event, communication and planning, development and organization, be it: 


Sicily is an ideal destination for car companies launching their products or holding their convention. The excellent weather and the numerous scenic routes are the ideal base for the organization of this type of events. Spring and autumn are the most suitable seasons due to the mild temperatures and the light creating the perfect background for the event organization and for video and photo reports. Imagine routes through the countryside, vineyards, mountains or roads that climb up to a ...

Meeting and Convention

Bluestone offer complete solutions for conferences, seminars, congresses and meetings with the best possible customised service. Our qualified team is here to support you in the search for the right facilities and organization for your conference. We have a vast knowledge of the conference premises such as auditoriums and meeting rooms, hotels, historical villas, restaurants, luxury motor yachts for your small business meeting and other premises in Sicily. You will be assigned a special ...

Activities and Team building

Team building is a tool for companies to improve the sense of belonging and mutual trust, especially during change, transformation and reorganization. It can encourage and develop specific rules for participation in team work, promoting fast processes integration and cooperation. Bluestone over the years has had the opportunity to refine team building techniques and motivation for different groups, both in numbers as well as nationality and languages spoken. To date, we guarantee an unique ...