At the table of Nadeera

In a setting at the turn of the eleventh century, when Sicily was dominated by the Normans but still heavily contaminated with the Arabs’ culture, "At the table of Nadeera" skilfully weaves history and legends of Sicily, the savours, the scents of the Trinacria, drawing them from the history of the island, made by repeated and varied occupations, bringing to you an unique and unmistakable flavour.

Two actors, impersonating King Roger and Nadeera, will tell guests between the courses, the stories and legends of Sicily enriched by the presence of artists, singers and dancers, for a living three-dimensional and a multi-sensory event

As in an extraordinary game of Chinese boxes, “At the Table of Nadeera" is a show that contains other shows, in a game of historical, literary, artistic references which, ultimately, reflect the true face of Sicily.


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