Sicily, the gate of the Western civilization, is situated in the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just off the southern tip of mainland Italy, towards Africa. It’s more than just an island...it’s nearly a continent of its own being it one of the world’s first multicultural societies. A special place full of art and archaeology, history and folklore.  A  spectacular nature offers sceneries unique in the world: The fire of volcanoes, the intriguing green of its fertile soils, the deep blue of the sea and wonderful colorful beaches, spacing from black to white.  

In the past Sicily was Phoenician, Greek, Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, Moorish, Norman, Swabian, Angevin and Aragonese … they all came from far away to make Sicily their own, creating a space  and culture like no other.  They all left colours and flavours, art and legends.

A trip to Sicily is more than tourism: it is discovering a superb mild climate, excellent food and wine, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes – and exclusive services.
Just as a tasteful plate all those ingredients make Sicily a favourite location to organize a very special event, an unique cultural travel, a relax holidays or a delightful  group tour.  

You are special and we can be your personal Sicilian Travel Guide making  out of a trip un unforgettable stay in the real heart of Europe!  Just a different touch

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